O&M Services

We provide Cell Site Maintenance with preventive and Corrective maintenance of passive infrastructure(35000+ towers are under maintenance as of 31st Dec 2020).

We Provide Surveillance and Corrective maintenance of OFC routes(95000+ RKM are under maintenance as on 31st Dec 2020).

We also provide Small, Medium and Large Facilities.(56 facilities are under maintenance as of 31st Dec 2020).

BEPL offers the following services in O&M field:

✔ Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of Telecom utilities-Tower, Shelter, DG, AC, Battery and Power plant

✔ Maintenance of BTS and Micro wave equipment.

✔ Maintenance of BSC, MSC and large facilities.

✔ 24X7 manning service and supply of riggers

✔ Diesel filling

✔ EB bill collection and energy management.

✔ Comprehensive maintenance of NLD/Access routes and patrolling.

✔ Supply of partrollers and FRTs

Our Client base Include