Our Policies

A Policy is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. A policy is a statement of intent, and is implemented as a procedure or protocol. Policies are generally adopted by the Board or senior governance body within an organization whereas procedures or protocols would be developed and adopted by senior executive officers. Policies can assist in both subjective and objective decision making.

Standing Orders Policy

These Standing Orders shall come into force in accordance with Section 7 of the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act 1946 and the rules made thereunder and shall apply to all workmen employed in BEPL.

HR Policy

Bondada Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (BEPL) Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual has been developed to facilitate the implementation and clearly define BEPL’s policies on human resource management.

The Manual provides guidelines to be followed in the administration of below policies, and assists all employees in defining who is responsible for each human resource management decision, and the correct procedure which is to be followed.

✔ Personal Conduct

✔ Equal Employment Opportunity

✔ Sexual Harassment

✔ Over Time Policy

✔ Health, Safety & Environment

✔ Performance Management System

✔ Employee Relations

HR policies must be kept current and relevant. Therefore, from time to time it will be necessary to modify and amend some sections of the policies and procedures, or for new procedures to be added.


Bondada Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (BEPL) as a value based organization is passionate about people. We are committed to achieving the highest standards in HSW, with the aim of providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for employees, customers, partners, contractors, sub-contractors and visitors at all levels.

BEPL believes that    

✔ Injuries can be prevented    

✔ HSW is a business imperative and    

✔ Consultation and employee involvement is essential to HSW performance.

Employee Welfare Policy

Employee welfare is a term including various services, benefits and facilities offered to employees by the employers. Welfare includes anything that is done for the comfort and improvement of employees and is provided over and above the wages. Welfare helps in keeping the morale and motivation of the employees high so as to retain the employee for longer duration.

Travel & Accommodation Policy

All staff should adhere to the travel and accommodation policy when travelling on Company business. The Company recognizes business travel is generally an inconvenience and seeks to make such inconvenience more comfortable at a cost that is appropriate for the Companies size and cash flows.