Employee Speak



Muddangula Balaraju

I have had a positive experience working at the Bondada Group for the past nine years. The company offers a great work environment with fair compensation and opportunities for growth and learning. The culture and atmosphere at Bondada Group are described as family-like, where employees have the freedom to do their work without being micromanaged. I feel fortunate to be a part of the company and have been able to grow both professionally and personally during my time there.
(Since May 2015)

Paila Dinakar

Over the past six years, I have had a great time working for BEL, where employees are treated with care and respect. The company is dedicated to growth and employee motivation, and the trust shown by my bosses is a testament to their dedication. I am proud to be part of this prestigious group, as I can see myself improving my job and fostering better relationships with BEL. The company takes care of employees’ worries promptly, making me feel honoured and proud.
(Since May 2018)

V. Akshita Chakrapani

I have had a rewarding experience with Bondada Group, filled with numerous opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to meet the expectations of both the management and myself. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with incredibly talented and kind-hearted individuals who have not only provided professional support but have also played a significant role in my personal growth as we reach each milestone together. I feel acknowledged in this space. Lastly, as a woman, I feel a strong sense of safety and security in this environment. I am incredibly grateful to be a member of this organisation.
(Since Sep 2015)

P V S N Varma

Five years ago, I started my journey as an assistant manager at the Bondada Group. Working under growth-oriented leadership is a privilege for me. I developed personally and professionally. As assistant manager, I learned about our company and met great people. Mentors and colleagues taught me business, competence, and leadership. Success is vile. “Joy succeeds. Passion pays.” Not merely attaining goals or climbing the corporate ladder, Bondada Group makes every day exciting. Thanks, Bondada family, for this fantastic experience.

(Since Oct 2019)

Raparthi Kumar

Since Jan 2021, I’ve been working at Bondada Group, a company that has challenged my management skills and provided a challenging environment. My role involves preparing monthly profitability statements for each segment and providing project analysis and information. I have seen significant improvement in my professional life, thanks to guidance from seniors and the company’s directors. The positive appreciation from management boosts my motivation to work more professionally and personally.
(Since Jan 2021)