Bondada Wings - Volume 1

Release Date: April 2022

The company is delighted to announce the launch of the First Edition of Bondada Wings firms magazine, launched on 7th of April 2022. Our magazine focuses on informing employees and stakeholders about the company’s activities.

Bondada Wings - Volume 2

Release Date: October 2022

We are pleased to announce that we are pub- lishing our exclusive Bondada Wings magazine for the second edition, and we are sure that we will keep launching new editions in the future as well. The prime objective of our magazine is to inform readers about recent events and updates at our organisation. This magazine is primarily distributed among the employees, stakeholders, associates, and customers.

Bondada Wings - Volume 3

Release Date: May 2023

We were not surprised to find that the readers of the first two issues of our magazine provided an overwhelming response; as a result, we have decided to maintain our publication schedule of one issue every six months. As was mentioned earlier, the objective of this publication is to educate readers about the activities of the company, particularly with regard to the roles played by employees and other stakeholders.

Bondada Wings - Volume 4

Release Date: NOV 2023

Following the overwhelming success of our first three Bondada Wings magazine editions, the company recognised the importance of continuing to publish its own magazine, and as a result, the fourth edition of the ‘Bondada Wings’ magazine was released and made available to its readers.

Bondada Wings - Volume 5

Release Date: APRIL 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of our fifth volume magazine, packed with inspiring stories, cultural highlights, and a glimpse into our exciting future plans. This edition celebrates our achievements, shares our values and traditions, and outlines our vision for continued growth and success. We’re delighted to share this with our readers and hope you enjoy it.